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Many lawyers in New Zealand and Australia are struggling to find a good balance between using third party case management software on the cloud and ensuring security and privacy of their client data on the cloud. Hence many law firms still manage their own computer infrastructure on premise with its own risks and costs. eDeJure.com offers you a SaaS solution where you don’t have to compromise and can get both. We do not only take the burden of managing the infrastructure off your shoulders, we enable you to cooperate in a secure and efficient way with your colleagues and with your clients to lower your operational costs. With us, your data is safe and hosted locally to meet your data residency requirements.



Crypto mining has been the privilege and main playground of techies and nerds for years leaving others in the dust. This is because many don’t have the knowledge, the equipment or the space to mine themselves or simply because don’t support crypto mining due to the environmental impact. Others don’t want to bear the risk (anymore) of having their own mining rig at home with the noise and heat. Some have joined the adventure via mining providers, but are stuck with a fixed term contract mining a non-profitable cryptocurrency for months or even for years.

All of these triggered early 2017 the founders to think about how to make crypto mining accessible for everyone, with no impact on environment and as flexible as possible. This is when Mining4us was born to provide Mining as a Service for all of us! Now everyone can benefit from mining without having to go through all the trouble, be able to change their contract and be sure it is carbon neutral.



IISRI® (Independent Information Security Rating Institute) is an ISO27001 certified organisation that provides information security and privacy services to profit and non-profit organisations, including governments. We rather see security and privacy as business enablers as they increase confidence in an organisation. Our services aim therefore at improving the information security and privacy posture of an organisation such that not only are they more robust to resist attacks, but they are as an organisation also more trusted by their clients. We aim at driving economic growth of our customers by encouraging them to publish their improved security and privacy rating voluntarily to (re)gain confidence of their clients.



It's a professional security services oriented company led by security enthusiasts who have been in the security industry for decades. They have kept European, American, Canadian and New Zealand organisations safe from cyber threats and helped them mature their cybersecurity since the early days when security was thought to be just a Firewall and anti-virus solution. SeCompAss is established to provide customers a transparent security service: we don’t overpromise our service, we make our price as clear as possible and only enter an engagement if we can deliver to the expectations of our customer.