Novsourcing - Outsourcing with Intellectual Property protection in mind

Reduce IT costs by outsourcing

You need a software engineer to help you in realising and developing the next killer app. Or maybe you are short of testers or network engineers to develop and maintain your customers’ systems and applications. Novishoring is the only New Zealand based company that helps you realising your bold ideas without having to spend a considerable amount of your budget.

In fact, we help you reducing your IT costs by offering you the best IT resources outsourced at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re looking for one or a dedicated team of qualified software and network engineers to deliver fast, effective results, Novishoring is your partner. We can reduce your total IT human capital costs with approximately 50%. Our qualified testers, software and network engineers will work under your leadership and direction to realise your boldest ideas.

Besides our competitive rates, you don’t need to worry about getting (extra) office space, legal, accounting, equipment procurement, paying salaries or training new team members. All our IT resources have international qualifications and experience; some examples of our network engineers are here.

How does it work?

Understand your goals

  • 1. You fill out our contact form here with your details and what you need.
  • 2. One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. They will work with you to better understand your needs, goals and to explain our terms and conditions.
  • 3. They will send you an email with an offer based on the discussed details. There will be a separate clause that protects your Intellectual Property.

Set up your team

  • 1. After your acceptance of the offer, we start our recruitment process, where we interview and screen different candidates based on your requirements.
  • 2. We schedule interviews for you with the shortlisted candidates
  • 3. You conduct the interviews and let us know if you like to proceed with one of them.
  • 4. We will take care of all formal paperwork and you can start your project

Start your project

  • 1. We will set up the tools to manage your project and remote IT team
  • 2. We will schedule the stand-ups between you and your remote IT team
  • 3. We will appoint an account manager to keep track of your project who also functions as escalation point

Your Payment

  • 1. We invoice you monthly, you pay us the agreed price per month
  • 2. We take care of the salaries and wellbeing of your team